You Say Potato… (Episode 1)

Russ Murphy’s grandfather has recently died and has left him something wonderful; directions to a potato farm in New England. Russ believes the directions are more like a deed. But the fair residents of Tuberville will quickly put him straight.

Spud (Episode 3)

The fair residents of Tuberville have had it up to here with Russ Murphy but they’ve got bigger potatoes to fry. Enter, young Spud, Oz’s nephew. He’s a hellion who can send potatoes cracking across Tuberville with one whack of a stick. His careening potatoes have broken windows in every house, sent weathervanes spinning, and nearly replaced a few eyes. But this mayhem just might be Russ’ chance to act the hero.

One Potato, Two Potato (Episode 2)

A Tuberville Mystery; who is the mysterious potato carver? What do the carvings mean? Chris has a pretty good idea but Russ thinks differently. Together they set out to find the truth.

A Murphy in Transition (Episode 4)

There’s a big storm brewing – both in the air and in the town. The denizens of Tuberville find themselves snowed in at Molly’s house. The power goes out and a long evening of discovery ensues.