Tuberville the Organization

is dedicated to reducing hunger within our communities. The Tuberville model focuses on engaging farmers to help feed the hungry of their own communities by setting aside a few acres of land to harvest and donate the crops to local food banks.

Started on the David B. Thompson Farm in Vermont, in the fall of 2004, a small garden was tilled to provide foodstuffs for the Chittenden, Vermont Emergency Food Shelf. In 2005, Peter Perkins and his son, Ralph, harvested a very modest crop of 1470 pounds of potatoes for the food shelf. In 2006, the field was more than doubled in size and with the expansion came Tuberville.

The concept is simple but effective and with growing potential. Tuberville helps communities help their own with fresh, local food. Currently the farms of Tuberville come from Vermont and Maine but this is a model that can be replicated throughout the country, allowing farmers to give back to their communities while making good use of the unused acres of their farmland.

Today Ralph continues to grow potatoes and Tuberville, with a vision of more farms and more potatoes to feed more people in New England and beyond, one potato at a time. TUBERVILLE.ORG

Tuberville PSA

Tuberville the Series

is a short form web series that tells the story of a small New England potato farm. The series consists of eight, six to ten minute episodes that will follow our fearless Tubervillians through a year on the farm. One part the ABC show “Pushing Daisies” and one part the awkward CBS hit “Northern Exposure,” Tuberville is both edgy and sweet, peppered with twists and turns and hints of magical realism, not to mention the occasional musical number.

The Tuberville web series came about because of a desire to find an innovative and entertaining approach to raising awareness and grow the Tuberville organization. We have big plans for Tuberville, the series and the organization and we really want you to be a part of it.  We really believe in the power of community, which is what Tuberville is all about.